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HSTS admin fixup; I guess it is not very good if "One Year" is part o…

…f the config.
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1 parent 1d4f8a4 commit 99044fc36d8beba15018ef22b133d2e09fc84606 @skinkie committed with alobbs Nov 14, 2011
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2 admin/CTK
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 49e0d36ea4e5ff912fd33ccd138f241a5105c351
+Subproject commit cf55a7c3a699f2c387262c87ae2c57d1d61bd440
4 admin/
@@ -685,8 +685,8 @@ def __init__ (self, vsrv_num, refreshable):
table.Add (_('Enable HSTS'), CTK.CheckCfgText ('%s!hsts'%(pre), False, _('Accept')), _(NOTE_HSTS))
if int(CTK.cfg.get_val('%s!hsts' %(pre), "0")):
- table.Add (_('HSTS Max-Age'), CTK.TextCfg ('%s!hsts!max_age'%(pre), True, {'optional_string':_("One year")}), _(NOTE_HSTS_MAXAGE))
- table.Add (_('Include Subdomains'), CTK.CheckCfgText ('%s!subdomains'%(pre), True, _('Include all')), _(NOTE_HSTS_SUBDOMAINS))
+ table.Add (_('HSTS Max-Age'), CTK.TextCfg ('%s!hsts!max_age' %(pre), True, {'optional_string':_("31536000")}), _(NOTE_HSTS_MAXAGE))
+ table.Add (_('Include Subdomains'), CTK.CheckCfgText ('%s!hsts!subdomains'%(pre), True, _('Include all')), _(NOTE_HSTS_SUBDOMAINS))
submit = CTK.Submitter (url_apply)
submit.bind ('submit_success', refreshable.JS_to_refresh())

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