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package skinny.orm
import skinny.exception.IllegalAssociationException
import skinny.orm.feature._
import skinny.orm.feature.associations.HasOneAssociation
* Basic mapper for tables that don't have single primary key.
* @tparam Entity entity
trait SkinnyNoIdMapper[Entity]
extends SkinnyMapperBase[Entity]
with ConnectionPoolFeature
with AutoSessionFeature
with NoIdFinderFeature[Entity]
with NoIdQueryingFeature[Entity]
with NoIdAssociationsFeature[Entity]
with StrongParametersFeature {
override def primaryKeyFieldName: String =
throw new IllegalStateException("Unexpected access to primaryKeyFieldName")
override def hasOne[A](
right: AssociationsFeature[A],
merge: (Entity, Option[A]) => Entity
): HasOneAssociation[Entity] = {
throw new IllegalAssociationException(
s"SkinnyNoIdMapper doesn't support `hasOne` relationship through single primary key (e.g. id)."
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