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@seratch seratch released this May 7, 2016 · 257 commits to master since this release


Skinny ORM 2.1 is compatible with ScalikeJDBC 2.4

Skinny ORM 2.1 is compatible with ScalikeJDBC 2.4. ScalikeJDBC 2.4.0 final will be out soon.

Since version 2.4.0, ScalikeJDBC has more type-safe API to embed pamareters into prepared statement. See the release note for details:

Separated FactoryGirl configuration support

By @BlackPrincess's great work, skinny-factory-girl supports separated factory conf files. (pull request #320)

Since 2.4.0, FactoryGirl.create method does not only reading src/test/resources/factories.conf but also scanning src/test/resources/factories/*.confand reading the file if found.


  • [blank-app] Fix #315 Skinny + Scalajs problem by @seratch
  • [blank-app] Bump Scala.js to 0.6.9
  • [common] Bump kuromoji version to 6.0.0
  • [framework] #313 skinny-http-client can not parse Set-Cookie what contains path atribute #312 by @gakuzzzz
  • [framework] #321 skinny-micro 1.0.5, sfl4j-api 1.7.21, commons-io 2.5 and so on
  • [factory-girl] #210 Directory scan and work with factories/*.conf by @BlackPrincess
  • [orm] #319 Bump ScalikeJDBC 2.4.0 (bin-incompatible to 2.3)
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