Tron lightcycles across multiple devices
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Multi device light cycle game.

The Game

Err, you've seen Tron right? The game is simple and here it's still in development :)


  • There is a game arena with extendable boundaries. You can use several screens, both as the arena and for player controls.
  • You control a lightcycle which only goes forwards and only turns at right angles.
  • You lightcycle leaves a trail/line behind it, marking where it has been.
  • You cannot cross either your own line or another players.
  • If you hit your own line or the arena boundary, you've killed yourself.
  • If you hit another player's line, they have killed you.
  • Touch devices as controllers.


  • Title screen
  • Scoring
  • Vector based drawing
  • More efficient collision

Nice to have

  • Riding near a boundary or another players line gives you a temporary speed boost.
  • Brakes.


requires node and npm

install dependencies:

npm install

run the app:

node app.js


Idea & code by Kevin Carmody and Ben Foxall

MIT Licence -> licence.txt