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Bundler Demo App

This directory contains an example application to demonstrate Skip features such as async/await and reactive caching. The application implements a simplified version of a JavaScript "bundler", which takes as input a directory of '.js' files that contain require('<relative-path>') statements followed by some source code, and outputs a single file with all require()-ed content inlined.

Running The App

After following the setup instructions, run the following from this folder (<skip-root>/apps/bundler/):

./ --root example

This will run the app with the '.js' files in ./example as input. When prompted, input a path relative to ./example to see the output (bundled) version. For example, input 'index.js' to see the output for ./example/index.js:

./ --root example  
Enter file path (relative to working directory):

<index.js bundle text here>

With the application running you can change the contents of the '.js' files in example, re-enter a file path at the prompt again, and view the updated bundled output. Enter Control-d to exit.