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Getting Started

There are two main options for compiling and running Skip programs. To quickly experiment with Skip we recommend using the Docker container. For a full development environment and/or to develop Skip itself, see the guide. If you want to develop Skip using a docker image, you can also do that, verlaguet/skip:dev is a good image to get started, it has all the necessary packages installed.

Docker Image

A docker image is available to download to quickly experiment with running Skip programs without installing additional software (beyond Docker itself). To use the image:

  1. Install Docker.

  2. Create a new directory for writing your Skip programs:

# In your favorite directory:
mkdir skip

Note: for the rest of this guide, <skip-dir> refers to the path you created in this step.

  1. Run the Skip docker image (it will be downloaded the first time and then cached):
# Replace <skip-dir> with the directory you created above
docker run -it --user skip --mount type=bind,source=<skip-dir>,target=/home/skip/app verlaguet/skip

When this step completes you should now have a command prompt in the docker container.

  1. Install the Skip toolchain within the docker container:
# From docker container shell
> cd /home/skip
> ./

This will install tools necessary to build Skip all within the docker container's temporary file system.

  1. Run the example app (see the readme) for more information about the example app.
# From docker container shell
> cd /home/skip/skip/apps/bundler
> ./ --root example
  1. You can also write, compile and run Skip programs:

a. Create a Skip file at <skip-dir>/, for example:

// <skip-dir>/
fun main(): void {
  print_string("hello world!")

b. Run it with the helper:

# From docker container shell
> cd /home/skip/apps
> ls # should show created above
> ../skip/

Abbreviated Version

A full example session using the docker image:

# your shell
cd /tmp
mkdir skip
docker run -it --user skip --mount type=bind,source=skip,target=/home/skip/apps verlaguet/skip
# now in the docker shell
cd /home/skip
cd skip/apps/bundler
./ --root example


The docker container uses a temporary file system by default, which means that the Skip toolchain installed with is not persisted when re-running the container. If you use the container frequently, you may want to configure docker to use a persisted storage location for the container's file system (such as a folder on your main operating system's file system).

Developing Skip

To develop the Skip language and toolchain itself, follow the guide.

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