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Omega Home Computer
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Omega Home Computer

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This project is an open source implementation of an MSX2 compatible computer. The project is built using a combination of 1980's era components - Z80 CPU, V9958 VDP, AY-3-8910/YM2149F PSG, 8255 PPI, 7400-series logic, and some newer components, such as 512 KiB SRAM and 512 KiB Flash ROM and a few simple programmable logic devices (ATF16V8B SPLDs).

Omega System - Keyboard stacked on Main Board


  • The keyboard design is completed. Keyboard PCB Version 1.1 is available.
  • The main board design is completed. Main Board PCB Version 1.2 is available.
  • The complete system is tested and it works properly.



Main Board


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