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Alfred Confluence Workflow

Alfred Confluence Workflow

The Alfred Confluence Workflow allows you to search and open Confluence pages directly from Alfred. Just hit type c <search term> to search for Confluence page.

Getting Started

In order to get started:

  1. Download the latest version of Alfred Confluence from the Github releases page.
    • Click on the release you want to download.
    • Download the alfred-confluence.alfred3workflow file.
  2. Double click to install Alfred Confluence in Alfred.
  3. Configure Alfred Confluence with the following commands
    • confluence_baseurl - set the Confluence Base URL, e.g. or
    • confluence_username - set your username
    • confluence_password - set your password or token:
      • Confluence Server users enter your password
      • Confluence Cloud enter your API token (more info) (it will be stored in your MacOS keychain)
  4. Use the c command to search your Confluence system. c my search term

Advanced Configuration

If you work with multiple Confluence systems, Alfred Confluence supports this with config file.

In order to search multiple Confluence systems:

  1. Create the file ~/.alfred-confluence.json that contains a list of configuration for each system to be searchable. The first system will be treated as the default system.


        "key": "wkc",
        "prefix": "[wkc] ",
        "baseUrl" : "",
        "username" : "your-username",
        "password" : "your-unencrypted-password"
        "key": "cl",
        "prefix": "[Cloud] ",
        "baseUrl" : "",
        "username" : "your-username",
        "password" : "your-unencrypted-password"
  2. Use the following commands to search in the default

    • c <search-query> – search in the default system for pages <search-query>
    • c <key> <search-query> – search in the system with <key> for pages <search-query>

Please be aware that this will store you password in clear text on your file system.


Authentication and CAPTCHA

First of all, make sure you have entered the correct baseUrl, username and password/token combination. To do so open Alfred's Workflow Debugger, where baseUrl, username and password/token are logged.

If you had authentication issues, it's likely that Confluence has locked you out because of too many unsuccessful login attempts. In this case open your browser and log in through the web interface where Confluence will display a CAPTCHA. Then try again.

Feedback, Issues & Questions

Please raise any feedback issues and questions here:



  • Fixed issue with authentication Confluence Cloud instances. Authentication require tokens now (see above).
  • Improved error handling for authentication issues.
  • Fixed issue with Confluence on custom ports. Thanks to @wooyeong and @Frogli.
  • Trailing slashes in the confluence_baseUrl should no longer be an issue.



To build Alfred Confluence just make:

$ make all


In order to release a new version:

  1. Bump the version numbers (semantic version numbering!) in these files:
    • src/Info.plist (2 times: at the very end of the file AND line ~110 (for the workflow name))
    • src/ (line ~15)
  2. Commit all changes.
  3. Create a release on Github and use the same version number.


The Alfred Confluence workflow was build by Stefan Kleineikenscheidt (@skleinei).

It was created in Python with the help of Dean Jackson's Alfred library.


Alfred workflow to search for Confluence content and open it.




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