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A chat bot for ITP built on Hubot and illustrated by Joe Kloc.


Shep is written in CoffeeScript and built on Hubot. Check out those two projects if you're new to all of this or jump right in and look at the file scripts/ for a simple example.

To contribute to Shep fork this project, make your changes and then issue a pull request.

Shep is maintained by Steve Klise.

Development Notes

Admin-only Scripts

Scripts for Shep can make use of process.env.ADMIN_USER to allow admin-only interactions with Shep. For instance this is used in scripts/ to add and remove people from the list of top-level quotable people.

process.env.ADMIN_USER is a single user, set by Shep's maintainer.

These scripts should not show up in shep help.


There are scripts in lib/maintenance to clean up Shep's Redis brain and otherwise keep Shep running nice and smooth.


1.0.1 - 2012/9/11

  • switch to Node.js 0.8.x and latest builds of Hubot etc.
  • added 'play' support
  • give me love


  • Rebuild quotes to include non-staff.
  • Save timestamps with quotes.
  • Merge 2 patches to make Shep respond more fuzzily.
  • Additional documentation.
  • Thesis Week script

0.8.1 - 2012/04/07

  • Add method descriptions for Bests and LoanedThings

0.8.0 - 2012/04/07

  • Use MTA status script from hubot-scripts
  • Shep can now track what you have and what you have loaned
  • Shep keeps track of quotable sayings from faculty and staff.
  • Shep keeps track of the best things according to ITP.
  • Bring back.
  • Bugfixes

0.7.0 - 2012/03/19

  • Food, Beer, Parts maps
  • True Cause I Read It On The Internet
  • Crippled due to ITPIRL using only 1 IRC client.