Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstrap. Smaller footprint (20kB gzipped), no 3rd party JS dependencies (jQuery, bootstrap JS) required. Please read the file before submitting an issue!
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UI Bootstrap - AngularJS directives specific to Bootstrap

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Quick links


Do you want to see directives in action? Visit!

Angular 2

Are you interested in Angular 2? We are on our way! Check out ng-bootstrap.


Installation is easy as UI Bootstrap has minimal dependencies - only the AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap's CSS are required. Notes:

  • Since version 0.13.0, UI Bootstrap depends on ngAnimate for transitions and animations, such as the accordion, carousel, etc. Include ngAnimate in the module dependencies for your app in order to enable animation.
  • UI Bootstrap depends on ngTouch for swipe actions. Include ngTouch in the module dependencies for your app in order to enable swiping.

Angular Requirements

  • UI Bootstrap 1.0 and higher requires Angular 1.4.x or higher and it has been tested with Angular 1.4.8.
  • UI Bootstrap 0.14.3 is the last version that supports Angular 1.3.x.
  • UI Bootstrap 0.12.0 is the last version that supports Angular 1.2.x.

Bootstrap Requirements

  • UI Bootstrap requires Bootstrap CSS version 3.x or higher and it has been tested with Bootstrap CSS 3.3.6.
  • UI Bootstrap 0.8 is the last version that supports Bootstrap CSS 2.3.x.

Install with NPM

$ npm install angular-ui-bootstrap

This will install AngularJS and Bootstrap NPM packages.

Install with Bower

$ bower install angular-bootstrap

Note: do not install 'angular-ui-bootstrap'. A separate repository - bootstrap-bower - hosts the compiled javascript file and bower.json.

Install with NuGet

To install AngularJS UI Bootstrap, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Angular.UI.Bootstrap

Custom build

Head over to and hit the Custom build button to create your own custom UI Bootstrap build, just the way you like it.

Manual download

After downloading dependencies (or better yet, referencing them from your favorite CDN) you need to download build version of this project. All the files and their purposes are described here: Don't worry, if you are not sure which file to take, opt for ui-bootstrap-tpls-[version].min.js.

Adding dependency to your project

When you are done downloading all the dependencies and project files the only remaining part is to add dependencies on the ui.bootstrap AngularJS module:

angular.module('myModule', ['ui.bootstrap']);


To use this project with webpack, follow the NPM instructions. Now, if you want to use only the accordion, you can do:

import accordion from 'angular-ui-bootstrap/src/accordion';

angular.module('myModule', [accordion]);

You can import all the pieces you need in the same way:

import accordion from 'angular-ui-bootstrap/src/accordion';
import datepicker from 'angular-ui-bootstrap/src/datepicker';

angular.module('myModule', [accordion, datepicker]);

This will load all the dependencies (if any) and also the templates (if any).

Be sure to have a loader able to process css files like css-loader.



Code of Conduct

Take a moment to read our Code of Conduct


If you're updating your application to use prefixes, please check the migration guide.

Supported browsers

Directives from this repository are automatically tested with the following browsers:

  • Chrome (stable and canary channel)
  • Firefox
  • IE 9 and 10
  • Opera
  • Safari

Modern mobile browsers should work without problems.

Need help?

Need help using UI Bootstrap?

Please do not create new issues in this repository to ask questions about using UI Bootstrap

Found a bug?

Please take a look at and submit your issue here.

Contributing to the project

We are always looking for the quality contributions! Please check the for the contribution guidelines.

Development, meeting minutes, roadmap and more.

Head over to the Wiki for notes on development for UI Bootstrap, meeting minutes from the UI Bootstrap team, roadmap plans, project philosophy and more.