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Example repository for 2018 DS/NC 821 / Automatic Speech Recognition projects
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Data pre processing

Run python --timit=./TIMIT --preprocessed=False to compute the features and store them in a folder. This script also converts the NIST "SPHERE" file format to WAVE PCM format. If you have already converted the files, set --preprocessed=True to skip the conversion process.


This repo contains

  • Code to read files and compute MFCC features
  • Computing MFCC for time slices given in .PHN files
  • Dumping computed features to a folder
  • Dumping phone-wise features to a folder
  • GMM training
  • GMM model dumping
  • GMM evaluation
  • PER computation


- Implement and run and
- Please feel free to modify any part of the code to implement the solution
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