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from scipy.misc import imread
import numpy as np
import os
import pandas as pd
for directory, subdirectories, files in os.walk("./cat-train"): # for test: ./cat-test
for file in files:
if file == ".DS_Store": continue
im = imread(os.path.join(directory,file))
value = im.flatten()
value = np.hstack((directory[12:],value))
df = pd.DataFrame(value).T
with open('train_initial.csv', 'a') as f: #for test: test_initial.csv
df.to_csv(f, header=False, index=False)
df = pd.read_csv('train_initial.csv') #for test: test_initial.csv
df = df.sample(frac=1)
df.to_csv('train.csv',header=False, index=False) # for test: test.csv