Example Realtime Chat Widget that can be added to any web page or app.
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Realtime Chat Widget using Pusher

The first version of this sample shows how to create a Realtime Chat Widget with a PHP backend. Later versions will demonstrate how to achieve this using other backend technologies.


You can see a live version of the chat widget in action here: http://pusher-realtime-chat-widget.phpfogapp.com/src/


A tutorial of how to get up and running with the widget an be found here: http://pusher.com/tutorials/realtime_chat_widget



The server code required to use the widget with a PHP back-end. The src/chat.html file is set up to us the PHP back-end.


The server code required to run the example under Sinatra.

The src/chat.html file will need to be updated so that the PusherChatWidget talks to the sinatra app. This means providing a chatEndPoint setting to point to /chat as follows:

var pusher = new Pusher('49e26cb8e9dde3dfc009')
var chatWidget = new PusherChatWidget(pusher, {
  appendTo: '#pusher_chat_widget',
  chatEndPoint: '/chat'

You can then get started by:

cd src/ruby-sinatra
bundle install
bundle exec ruby -rubygems chat.rb

And navigating to http://localhost:4567/ to see the side-by-side example or http://localhost:4567/chat.html to see the standalone example.