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HTF - The Haskell Test Framework

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The Haskell Test Framework (HTF for short) lets you define unit tests (, QuickCheck properties (, and black box tests in an easy and convenient way. HTF uses a custom preprocessor that collects test definitions automatically. Furthermore, the preprocessor allows HTF to report failing test cases with exact file name and line number information. Additionally, HTF tries to produce highly readable output for failing tests: for example, it colors and pretty prints expected and actual results and provides a diff between the two values.

Look here for a short tutorial on HTF. The following slightly out-dated blog article demonstrates HTF's coloring, pretty-printing and diff functionality.

Installation instructions

  • Install from using cabal install HTF
  • Install from source:

    $ git clone
    $ cd HTF
    $ cabal install

Getting started

  • Read the tutorial.
  • Experiment with the sample project located in the sample directory of HTF's source tree.
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