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Programming Quotes API for open source projects.
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Programming Quotes API

Programming Quotes API for open source projects. You are welcome to contribute!


Github repo:

Client app:

API Documentation

Suported languages: en, sr.

  "en": "Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.",
  "sr": "Računarska nauka se tiče računara koliko i astronomija teleskopa.",
  "author": "Edsger W. Dijkstra",

Get all quotes

GET /quotes

Get quotes by language

GET /quotes/lang/en

Get quotes by page

GET /quotes/page/2

Get random quote

GET /quotes/random

Get random quote by language

GET /quotes/random/lang/sr

Get quote by id

GET /quotes/id/5a6ce86f2af929789500e824

Post vote

POST /quotes/vote

  • required params: quoteId, newVote (number from 1 to 5)

Post quote (user)

POST /quotes

  • required params: token, author, en
  • optional: source, sr
  • author name should be from Wikipedia

Update quote (admin)

PUT /quotes

  • required params: token, _id, author, en
  • optional: source, sr

Delete quote (admin)

DELETE: /quotes

  • required params: token, _id


User login

GET /auth/{provider}

  • suported providers: Github, Google
  • opens login page

After successful login, user will be redirected to client app. The client app should handle token on this route: #/auth/{provider}/${token}.

Get user data

GET /auth/{provider}:token

  • returns info on current user




npm i
npm run dev


Deploy will be done automatically after merge into master branch.

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