Contains material that is supplementary to our paper submitted to SWAT4LS'16: Int. Workshop on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences
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Studying the Cohesion Evolution of Genes Related to Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Using Semantic Similarity in Gene Ontology and Self-Organizing Maps

This repository contains the data and code associated with the following paper:

E. Kontopoulos, T. Moysiadis, M. Tsagiopoulou, S. Darányi, P. Wittek, N. Papakonstantinou, S. Ntoufa, G. Meditskos, K. Stamatopoulos, I. Kompatsiaris. (2016). Studying the Cohesion Evolution of Genes Related to Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Using Semantic Similarity in Gene Ontology and Self-Organizing Maps. Proceedings of SWAT4LS-16, 9th Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences Conference, December 2016.

The outline of the processing steps is as follows:

  1. Index the subsequent time periods by Lucene.
  2. Build random indices.
  3. Train emergent self-organizing maps.

The rest of this readme details these steps. The dependencies for the Java tools are lucene-core-4.10.3.jar, lucene-analyzers-common-4.10.3.jar, and, and SemanticVectors 5.8.


Run the class concepDrifts.PubMedAbstractIndexer with setting the parameters in the main() function for each period 1 to 3. This will yield three index directories.

Generating the random indices

We build the random indices in the data folder.

java -Xmx40000m -luceneindexpath index1
mv termvectors2.bin termvectorsperiod-1.bin
mv docvectors2.bin docvectorsperiod-1.bin

java -Xmx40000m -luceneindexpath index2
mv termvectors2.bin termvectorsperiod-2.bin
mv docvectors2.bin docvectorsperiod-2.bin

java -Xmx40000m -luceneindexpath index3
mv termvectors2.bin termvectorsperiod-3.bin
mv docvectors2.bin docvectorsperiod-3.bin

We need to convert the term vectors to text format:

java -lucenetotext termvectorsperiod-1.bin termvectorsperiod-1.txt
java -lucenetotext termvectorsperiod-2.bin termvectorsperiod-2.txt
java -lucenetotext termvectorsperiod-3.bin termvectorsperiod-3.txt

Then we transform the random index to suitable input files for Somoclu and ESOM Tools:

java conceptDrifts.SvDense2Sparse termvectorsperiod-1.txt termvectorsperiod-1.svm termvectorsperiod-1.names
java conceptDrifts.SvDense2Sparse termvectorsperiod-2.txt termvectorsperiod-2.svm termvectorsperiod-2.names
java conceptDrifts.SvDense2Sparse termvectorsperiod-3.txt termvectorsperiod-3.svm termvectorsperiod-3.names

Training the emergent self-organizing maps

We used Somoclu to train emergent self-organizing maps on a toroid topology:

somoclu -k 2 -m toroid -s 1 -x 176 -y 100 termvectorsperiod-1.svm termvectorsperiod-1
somoclu -k 2 -m toroid -c data/termvectorsperiod-1.wts -s 1 -x 176 -y 100 termvectorsperiod-2.svm termvectorsperiod-2
somoclu -k 2 -m toroid -c data/termvectorsperiod-2.wts -s 1 -x 176 -y 100 termvectorsperiod-3.svm termvectorsperiod-3


This work was supported by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement Number FP7-601138 PERICLES.