DT508 Programming Course
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Processing Examples


DT508 Programming


Semester 2

Week 7

  • Assignment

Week 6

  • Lab Test

Week 5

Semester 1

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

  • No class this week

Week 5

  • Arrays in Processing
  • [Arrays in processing sketch](Processing Examples/Arrays)
  • [Balloon Game](Processing Examples/BalloonGame)
  • Homework - Make a proper game out of the BallonGame sketch
    • Add lives - You loose a life when a balloon hits the top of the screen
    • Add nice fonts and sounds
    • Add a game over screen
    • Add some progression, for example the ballons could get faster as the game progresses
    • Submit your sketch through Google Classroom

Week 4

  • [Perspective lines with a while loop sketch](Processing Examples/PerspectiveLinesWIthWhileLoop)

  • [Smiley Face With Wallpaper nested for loops](Processing Examples/SmileyFaceWallpaper)

  • Make this sketch for next week. Use the minimum number of loops and the minimum amount of code:


  • I will give a prize for the best sketch. Feel free to add your own beautiful crazyness to the sketch

  • Here are some pictures of some geometric shapes you can make in Processing:

  • Please submit your sketches through http://classroom.google.com. Sign in using your DIT student email account and use the code s3n06gw

Week 3

  • [Kite trigonometry problem](Processing Examples/KiteTriangleProblem)
  • [Quadrants of the screen sketch](Processing Examples/Quadrants)
  • [Ball bouncing back and forth sketch](Processing Examples/Ball)
  • [Using sin and cos in a sketch](Processing Examples/Sine_waves)

Week 2

Week 1

  • [Introduction sketch](Processing Examples/Introduction)
  • [Data types & operations in Processing sketch](Processing Examples/Data_types)