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Several backbone.js project templates configured to work with backlift.
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This project contains a set of templates that can be used to create new backlift apps. (see Templates can be used by creating an app within backlift, or by using the command line utility.

simple templates

helloworld: This is a demo of a minimal backlift app. It is just an index.html file with an image in the header, styled with Twitter Bootstrap. It uses the backlift-reloader.js script to automatically refresh the page when changes to the app are uploaded to backlift.

simple-site: A simple website. This provides a bit more functionality and is useful as a starting point for a new app. Demonstrates the use of the config.yml file and {{ script }} and {{ style }} variables to ease asset management.

googlemaps: A simple template and starting point for building googlemaps API based applications.

backbone.js templates

backbone-basic: The basic template is the default for "backlift create." It's an empty app template, styled with Twitter Bootstrap. Contains a menubar, a landing page and a secondary page. Demonstrates how to organize a view heirarchy, and how to refresh subviews without reloading the whole site.

backbone-auth: An app template with user sign-in functionality, styled with Twitter Bootstrap. Contains a landing page and two pages that can only be accessed by a logged-in user. Demonstrates how to reuse common layouts across public and private pages, and how to manage a generic login form.

backbone-demo: A simple single page app with a tutorial that shows off some of the basics of backlift and backbone.js development.

backbone-minimal: A minimal project that persists data to backlift. Only two files (plus libraries). A demonstration of how simple a backlift project can be.

backbone-todo: The classic todo example, running on backlift.

backbone-palettes: Created by syntagmatic, this template provides a color picker interface inspired by the colorlovers website.

backbone-tweaker: A twitter clone. Demonstrates how to setup a larger project on backlift including auth, multiple pages and subviews, and server-side validation of form data.

knockout.js templates

knockout-todo: A very simple starting point for building a knockout.js app. It implements the TODO example on the knockout.js website.


init: This template only contains a config.yml file. It is used by the "backlift init" command.

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