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Map and Data set of parking lots in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio that are publicly accessible.

View them at:

Uses mapbox.js

To make your own:

  • Obtain downtown parking lots for your downtown:

Use the following overpass query: Move the map to your preferred geographic area Hit Run Export as geojson and save as a geojson file and place it in the directory of your fork.

Edit index.html with the file name of your geojson file.

Other notes

index.html is the only html code that you need to use.

You can ignore the other html files in the folder. They are from older commits that I have published so I can refer to them in this blog post.


The geographic data of parking lots is from OpenStreetMap so the license is ODBL.

The Base map is designed by me and can be obtained as a style (named Pascal Pastel) at for use in MapBox Studio.

The html Code is under MIT License.


A multi-zoom level map of public automobile parking in Cleveland's downtown.



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