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ottonemo and BenjaminBossan Move criterion to compute device automatically (#455)
Move criterion to compute device automatically

Previously the user had to make sure that criterion parameters
such as class weights are on the correct computing device.
Now the criterion is moved to the compute device using `.to`
which moves the parameters as well.

Non nn.Module classes still work as criterion.
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callbacks [MRG] Warn user when using possibly wrong checkpoint monitor (#403) Dec 11, 2018
tests WIP: Update to 0.4.1 (#298) Aug 1, 2018 Tests pass even when fire and numpydoc are not installed. (#411) Dec 13, 2018 Better error msg when dataset incompatible (#427) Feb 7, 2019 Correct backtick usage in docstrings. Oct 13, 2017 Feature: quick CLIs (#390) Dec 13, 2018 [MRG] Adds optimizer and history to save/load_params (#360) Oct 22, 2018 Move criterion to compute device automatically (#455) Apr 15, 2019 Fix minor error in toy documentation (#452) Apr 5, 2019 Add support for scipy sparse CSR matrices as input data. (#406) Dec 11, 2018
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