Cupcake is a simple GUI library for Ada.
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The Cupcake GUI Toolkit

What is it?

Cupcake is a GUI toolkit for Ada. It is designed to be uncomplicated and easy to use, while utilizing Ada's object oriented features.

What is its current status?

The project is in heavy development, and the code changes often. In addition, the code may be strange and weird at times, but there is probably a reason for it, and it will be fixed later.

Cupcake's current capabilities are:

  • Can show a window on the screen.
  • Can close a window on the screen.
  • Can draw a background in the aforementioned window.
  • Can crash when exiting ;-)

How do I build and install it?

To build Cupcake, you need the following pre-requisites:

  • Ada and C compilers. The Ada compiler must support Ada 2012.
  • Cairo built with the XCB backend, and the XCB library.
  • FontConfig and FreeType for font handling (not implemented yet, but coming soon).
  • Pod2Man and M4 if you want to build the manual pages.

When everything is ready to go, simply issue make, and watch the library build, hopefully without any problems. To do a simple test of the library functionality, you may run the demo applications in the demos/ folder.

Where do I report bugs?

Bugs are reported on the project's GitHub page, Patches and other contributions are also welcome on this page.

How is it licensed?

Cupcake is licensed under the MIT license, which can be found in the file.