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1 <html>
2 <head>
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4 <title>IMDB API</title>
5 </head>
6 <body>
7 <h1>IMDB API</h1>
8 <h3>by Stavros Korokithakis</h3>
9 <p>
10 Well hello. I see you want to access IMDB. Well, this is your chance.
11 This service is updated every day from the
12 <a href="">IMDB data files</a> and you
13 can access it with the ?name=<show name> URL parameter. For example,
14 this is the episode list (in JSON) for
15 <a href="/js/?name=how+i+met+your+mother">How I Met Your Mother</a>.
16 </p>
18 Instructions:
19 <ol>
20 <li>Use the "name" GET parameter followed by the urlencoded show name. If there
21 are multiple shows with the same name, you can pass the "year" parameter as well
22 to select a year. The script can now return JSONP, you can pass the "callback"
23 parameter to get the data wrapped in a javascript function whose name is the
24 value of the callback parameter (<a href="/js/?name=firefly&callback=imdbapi">example</a>).</li>
25 <li>The URL /js/ returns data as text/html and /json/ returns data as application/json.
26 Both use exactly the same parameters.</li>
27 <li>You can use wildcards by using the percent sign, for example
28 <a href="/js/?name=how+i+met+%25+mother">"how i met % mother"</a> will work.</li>
29 <li>If there are multiple show names, you will get a list of the 15 first
30 that match your string (<a href="/js/?name=%25how%25">example</a>).</li>
31 <li>If the show was not found, you will get "null".</li>
32 </ol>
34 <ul>
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35 <li>The source code for this service is
36 <a href="">available on GitHub</a>.
37 </li>
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38 <li>I have also written a script that will rename your show's video files using
39 this and other services, you can find it here:
40 <a href="">Episode renamer</a>.</li>
41 <li>If you need to contact me, my email is
42 <a href=""></a>.</li>
43 <li>My homepage is <a href=""></a>.</li>
44 </ul>
46 <p>
47 Have fun!
48 </p>
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54 </body>
55 </html>
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