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from __future__ import with_statement
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker, relation, backref
from database import Show, Episode, init_db
import codecs
import re
import sqlalchemy
session = init_db(transactional=True)
def import_data(filename):
"""Import episode names and ratings from a file."""
regex = re.compile(""""(?P<show_name>.*?)"\s+\((?P<year>\d+)(?:|/.*?)\)\s+\{(?P<episode_name>.*?)\s?\(\#(?P<season_no>\d+)\.(?P<episode_no>\d+)\)\}""")
with, "r", "latin-1") as ratings:
# Generate all the lines that matched.
matches = (match for match in ( for line in ratings) if match)
counter = 0
for match in matches:
counter += 1
if not counter % 100:
print counter
episode = {}
for field in ["show_name", "year", "episode_name", "episode_no", "season_no"]:
episode[field] =
# If the episode has no name it is given the same name as on for consistency.
if not episode["episode_name"]:
episode["episode_name"] = "Episode #%s.%s" % (episode["season_no"], episode["episode_no"])
show = session.query(Show).filter_by(name=episode["show_name"], year=episode["year"]).one()
except sqlalchemy.orm.exc.NoResultFound:
show = Show(episode["show_name"], episode["year"])
episode = session.query(Episode).filter_by(name=episode["episode_name"], show=show).one()
except sqlalchemy.orm.exc.NoResultFound:
episode = Episode(show, episode["episode_name"], episode["season_no"], episode["episode_no"])
if __name__ == "__main__":