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<title>IMDB API</title>
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<h1>IMDB API</h1>
<h3>by Stavros Korokithakis</h3>
Well hello. I see you want to access IMDB programatically. Well, this is your chance.
This service is updated every day from the
<a href="">IMDB data files</a> and you
can access it with the ?name=<show name> URL parameter. For example,
this is the episode list (in JSON) for
<a href="/js/?name=how+i+met+your+mother">How I Met Your Mother</a>.
This service only supports shows, it <b>does not have any movies</b>.
<li>Use the "name" GET parameter followed by the urlencoded show name. If there
are multiple shows with the same name, you can pass the "year" parameter as well
to select a year. The script can now return JSONP, you can pass the "callback"
parameter to get the data wrapped in a javascript function whose name is the
value of the callback parameter (<a href="/js/?name=firefly&callback=imdbapi">example</a>).</li>
<li>The URL /js/ returns data as text/html and /json/ returns data as application/json.
Both use exactly the same parameters.</li>
<li>You can use wildcards by using the percent sign, for example
<a href="/js/?name=how+i+met+%25+mother">"how i met % mother"</a> will work.</li>
<li>If there are multiple show names, you will get a list of the 15 first
that match your string (<a href="/js/?name=%25how%25">example</a>).</li>
<li>If the show was not found, you will get "null".</li>
<li>The source code for this service is
<a href="">available on GitHub</a>.
<li>I have also written a script that will rename your show's video files using
this and other services, you can find it here:
<a href="">Episode renamer</a>.</li>
<li>If you need to contact me, my email is can be found on my site.</li>
<li>My site is <a href=""></a>.</li>
Have fun!
<div style="font-size: 8pt;text-align: center;color: grey;margin: 50px 0 20px 0;">a <a href="https://www.stavrosio"></a> project</div>