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Lektor Thumbnail Generator

This plugin automatically generates thumbnails for any images in your Lektor content. The difference between this plugin and the thumbnail filter is that this is geared towards content, i.e. you don't need to have any references to the images in your templates at all.


Use this plugin if you want to be able to link to full-size images in your content, but still want thumbnails to be generated for the link itself. For example, you may have an image called cat.jpg, and to link to it in the content (not the template), but also show a thumbnail.

You can do that like so:

<a href="cat.jpg"><img src="cat-small.jpg" /></a>


To install the plugin, just add lektor-thumbnail-generator to your plugins from the command line:

lektor plugins add lektor-thumbnail-generator

If you have trouble, see the plugin installation section of the Lektor documentation.

Then, create a config file called configs/thumbnail-generator.ini and add a few sections for images. The section names can be whatever you want, the final images will be called imagename-sectionname.ext. For example, this config file:

max_width = 30

max_width = 400
max_height = 400

max_width = 2000

Will take a file called cat.jpg and create the files cat-small.jpg, cat-medium.jpg and cat-woowee.jpg. All the files will be created, regardless of whether the original file is smaller, so you can link without worrying whether a file will exist or not. If the original file is smaller than the width you have specified, the file will only be copied, and will not be resized. The max_width/max_height parameters work like for the Lektor thumbnail command.