An App Engine application for hosting static sites under multiple domains in a single app.
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static-appengine-hoster is a Flask application that will allow you to host static sites on App Engine under multiple domains.


To use static-appengine-hoster, all you need to do is download it, install the appropriate packages in the packages directory, add your files and change the settings.

The required packages are:

  • flask
  • jinja2
  • werkzeug

To add your sites, follow the example. Create directories under the templates and media directories with the name of the site you want to host and add your files there. To reference media under your media directory you can use the {{ MEDIA_URL }} variable in your templates, and to get the URL for a specific page you can use the url() function.

You can optionally add your site's domains and alias in, and then you can define and name the URLs and specify the template they will be rendered with.

Alternatively, you can just create folders called for each site you want to host, and put html templates in that folder. The folder structure will be preserved, so, for example, the file mydomain/test/hello.html will be accessible under http://mydomain/test/hello/.


static-appengine-hoster is distributed under the BSD license.