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This project is handles real-world map data and provides path information. You can pan around and click points on the map, or you can use the input fields to input cross-streets and find paths between them. The project is backed by a few interesting data structures. It connects to a traffic server and dynamically updates clients with traffic information.

1.) KD Tree, which handles the nodes in the map. It has a custom constructor which reduces construction time to k*nlogn. The KD Tree also allows us to specify the boundaries of the map.
2.) Radix Tree, which provides autocompletion results for each street. Faster and more efficient than a typical trie, it also creates suggestions based on levenshtein distance, possible whitespace errors, and bigram frequency.
3.) Binary Search File - a custom wrapper for Java's Random Access File - this class has numerous optimizations that allow for quick retrieval of information from the Random Access File with minimal system calls.

The project uses multiple threads to ensure that the frontend GUI remains responsive no matter what kind of requests are being made to the server.