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Does stuff to make YouTube better.

What stuff?

Incorporates some CSS changes to make videos play full-width. Useful when keeping YouTube in a small window.

Note: There's been a rewrite since the new YouTube redesign. Instead of making YouTube work well in small windows, the extension now focuses on making theater mode better. Enable theater mode on the player and you can scroll through comments and info while keeping the video in the background.

  • Full Width

Makes the search bar auto-hide

  • Hideable title bar

Brightness Control using hotkeys (see hotkeys below)

  • Brightness Control

What are all the hotkeys I can use?

  • Alt+O will disable all styling on the page
  • Shift+PageUp will increase the brightness of the video
  • Shift+PageDown will decrease the brightness.

How do I install it?

  1. Get TamperMonkey or another userscript manager
  2. Install via GitHub by clicking here.

This script is also cross-posted to Greasy Fork

Known Issues

  • When Chromecasting a video, the page looks a little weird with elements placed strangely. Temporarily turn off the script using the hotkey specified above to avoid the issue.

If you notice any other bugs, please let me know!