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* General code cleanup and bug fix work
* Improved documentation and examples
* Added a new example to demonstrate mixed loading methods
* Combo script incorrectly exploded the query string on & not &.
* Modified APC/Curl support checks
* Adding APC support for combo.php
* Adding support for the filter option in the local combo script
* Combo.php was not handling relative image pathes in the raw css. Now
converts to absolute paths.
* Added metadata files for 2.8.0r4 and 3.0.0
* Removing ereg_replace usage in loader since it was deprecated in
PHP 5.3. Swapping with preg_replace().
* Fixed loading order inconsistencies
* Fixed duplicate loading of resources with combine option during multiple
calls to the tags, scripts, and/or css methods for a single page
* Adjusting rollup level for reset-font-grids (was only rolling up reset-font)
* Update metadata for the base module. Should include AFTER entries for
reset-fonts and reset-fonts-grids.
* Better handling of missing dependencies within the sort
* Changes to support expound property. Adding logic to scan module rollups,
supersedes, and submodules packages for additional module requirements.
* Removed loader-inc.php and related files. Removed unencoded script and
link tag output in that was contained within comment blocks.
* Initial release