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Package Overview

deuce is an R package that provides easy access to a rich set of online data on professional tennis. By making tennis data more available to R users, deuce aims to be a useful tool for tennis analysts and a fun resource for teachers of statistics.


To install in R, use the devtools package and the following:



There are 274 MB of data included with the package so the installation may take several minutes.

Learning about Contents

To find out about the datasets and functions included in deuce, you can use the following command to bring up the package index.

help(package = "deuce")


Any of the individual datasets can be loaded with the data command. For example, the following command brings the atp_matches data into the R environment and runs a summary on all of the columns.




There are some analytic functions and some functions for fetching additional tennis data from the Web. One example of an analytic function is the elo_prediction which computes the win chances for a player against a specific opponent given both player Elo ratings. Suppose, the player has an Elo rating of 2100. What is their implied win chance versus a player with a rating of 1950? We can compute that as follows:

elo_prediction(2100, 1950)

An example of one of the data-scraping functions is fetch_activity. When connected to the Internet, this can be used to retrieve the match results for an ATP player for a specific year of for their career. As an example, let's show how we would fetch the 2017 match results for Rafael Nadal.

fetch_activity("Rafael Nadal", 2017)