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Sketch data plugin generating random dates and times
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Date and Time Data Plugin

Sketch Data plugin that allows you to generate random dates and times.

Date and Time Data Plugin Screenshot


From a release (simplest)

  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Double-click the .zip archive file to extract the plugin
  • Double-click the data-date-time.sketchplugin to install the plugin

From source

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the dependencies with npm install

Using the plugin

  • Select one or more text layers.
  • Click on the Data button in the top left of the document's toolbar.
  • Under Text, select Date & Time and then select a date or time format to generate.
  • Press SHIFT + COMMAND + D to generate another random date or time.

The date or time is localized to your current language and region system settings e.g. in the US the date will be in the format month/day/year while in Europe it will be in the format day/month/year.

Create your own Data plugin for Sketch

To find out more about making your own Data plugin check out this blog post with a step by step guide.

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