Spring Boot Tutorial
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Spring Boot Tutorial

In this tutorial I will demonstrate a medium complex full stack application using, Postgres, Spring JPA, Spring Data, Spring Boot, Angular.

Design consideration

With respect to Spring Boot

  • Takes off lot of xml headaches of Spring MVC and follows a strong convention over configuration
  • Works like Ruby, with lot of starter jar dependencies like spring-boot-starter-web or like spring-boot-starter-data-jpa, which helps in quickly setup all the dependencies. There are whole bunch of them
  • Encourages the concept of Microservices, where we can build low foot print self contained services, which we can deploy in PaaS like Heroku

In addition to these goodies, this sample application also imposes few of its own,

  • Minimum Boilerplate coding. Minimum amount of Handcrafted POJOs. Almost no xml configuration.
  • Design is more based on Test Driven Development (TDD) including Java and Javascript side

To run the application:

  • start Postgres and create a database called pg and run the sqlscripts/schema.sql
  • run the below command
  mvn clean exec:java test

Once the test is successful, do the code walk thru the tests