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Spring Boot Tutorial

In this tutorial I will demonstrate a medium complex full stack application using, Postgres, Spring JPA, Spring Data, Spring Boot, Angular.

Design consideration

##With respect to Spring Boot

  • Takes off lot of xml headaches of Spring MVC and follows a strong convention over configuration
  • Works like Ruby, with lot of starter jar dependencies like spring-boot-starter-web or like spring-boot-starter-data-jpa, which helps in quickly setup all the dependencies. There are whole bunch of them
  • Encourages the concept of Microservices, where we can build low foot print self contained services, which we can deploy in PaaS like Heroku

##In addition to these goodies, this sample application also imposes few of its own,

  • Minimum Boilerplate coding. Minimum amount of Handcrafted POJOs. Almost no xml configuration.
  • Design is more based on Test Driven Development (TDD) including Java and Javascript side

To run the application:

  • start Postgres and create a database called pg and run the sqlscripts/schema.sql
  • run the below command
  mvn clean exec:java test

Once the test is successful, do the code walk thru the tests