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Claimcheck pattern with vFabric RabbitMQ and Gemfire

In this project, I will demo Spring Integration, vFabric RabbitMQ and Gemfire to demo Claimcheck pattern.

To quickly see how it works,

  • Get the latest code
  • Run "mvn test" to see all the tests work.

If you want to do End to End testing follow the steps below.

  • Install ERLang

    Set ERLANG_HOME=[ERLang install location]

  • Install RabbitMQ

  • Open RabbitMQ Command Prompt from the start menu and run below commands

    rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management


  • Open http://localhost:55672/mgmt/ and login as guest/guest, just to check RabbitMQ is running

  • Maven imported spring-integration-amqp-gemfire-claimcheck project into STS IDE

  • Add spring-integration-amqp-gemfire-claimcheck on the server and start the TC server and "Run on Server", you will notice that the Application Subscribed to RabbitMQ. And by default it created 2 queues:, p2p-pollable-channel

  • To demo the Pub/sub model, put a message on to the p2p-pollable-channel, the SI flow gets triggered of

Refer this blog for more details on the above flow.

Feel free to modify this code and use it for your need.