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U-krishna-PC\krishna authored
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
+AMQP Backed Spring Integration using vFabric RabbitMQ
+In this project, I will demo Spring Integration, vFabric RabbitMQ and Gemfire to demo Claimcheck pattern.
+To quickly see how it works,
+* Get the latest code
+* Run "mvn test" to see all the tests work.
+If you want to do End to End testing follow the steps below.
+* Install [ERLang](
+ Set ERLANG_HOME=[ERLang install location]
+* Install [RabbitMQ](
+* Open RabbitMQ Command Prompt from the start menu and run below commands
+ rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
+ rabbitmq-server.bat
+* Open http://localhost:55672/mgmt/ and login as guest/guest, just to check RabbitMQ is running
+* Maven imported spring-integration-amqp-gemfire-claimcheck project into STS IDE
+* Add spring-integration-amqp-gemfire-claimcheck on the server and start the TC server and "Run on Server", you will notice that the Application Subscribed to RabbitMQ. And by default it created 2 queues:, p2p-pollable-channel
+* To demo the Pub/sub model, put a message on to the p2p-pollable-channel, the SI flow gets triggered of
+Refer this [blog]( for more details on the above flow.
+Feel free to modify this code and use it for your need.
6 src/main/resources/spring-integration-context-all.xml
@@ -21,7 +21,11 @@
<int:channel id="checkout-channel2" />
<bean id="simpleMessageStore"
- class="" />
+ class="">
+ <constructor-arg ref="myCache" />
+ </bean>
+ <gfe:cache id="myCache" />
<int:claim-check-in message-store="simpleMessageStore"
input-channel="p2p-pollable-channel" output-channel="pub-sub-channel" />
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