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Generate a (mostly) Markdown-powered blog. Source files are stored in Markdown, to be rendered on the fly by a web server like Caddy.

In order to generate valid XML for RSS 2.0 feeds, pandoc is required to convert the Markdown to HTML for inclusion in the output feed file.


  • GNU date (brew install coreutils on OSX)
  • GNU sed (brew install gnu-sed on OSX)
  • pandoc (brew install pandoc on OSX)


A config file is mandatory. Copy the provided config.SAMPLE to config and edit appropriately.

SRC is the directory in which new content will be found for processing.

DOCROOT is the root directory for your website. All output files will be created here. No trailing slash.

URL is the full URL of your site. No trailing slash.

DESCRIPTION is the text to supply to the <description> element in the RSS feed(s).

HOMECOUNT is the number of items to display on the home page.

RSSCOUNT is the number of items to display in the RSS feed.

Custom Functions

You may define custom functions inside the config file to alter the execution of some parts of this script.

FILTER_FUNC will run on the input Markdown file(s) before does anything else. This is a good place to do any content sanitization that you might need.

ARCHIVE_FUNC will be invoked when building the archive list of all content. By default, will create a full list of all content. You can override this in your own function.

HOME_FUNC will run to generate the home page. By default, will create a list of HOMECOUNT items, newest first.

Usage requires a command line argument to tell it what config file to use. If no option is provided, it will look for a file named config in the current working directory. If none is found, the script will exit with an error.

Data Organization

In addition to the output files created in DOCROOT, this script will create a file named permalinks.txt that contains a complete list of all permalinks for content processed by

How I use this

I use the iOS Shortcuts application on my iPhone and iPad to take input from me, prompt for an opitonal image, upload all of that to my server, then invoke via SSH.


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