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May 02, 2012

  1. Per Ola Ingvarsson

    SERVER-1625 Keep CCFLAG -Wcast-align. Seems to be globally removed in…

    … here.
  2. Per Ola Ingvarsson

    SERVER-1625 Better big endian test for snappy.


Apr 28, 2012

  1. SERVER-1625 Apple atomics to be able to build on powerpc.

    Per Ola Ingvarsson authored
  2. SERVER-1625 Corrected big endian test after master pull.

    Per Ola Ingvarsson authored

Apr 27, 2012

  1. Merge branch 'master' of morran:mongo-nonx86-solaris

    Per Ola Ingvarsson authored
  2. SERVER-1625 Some more big endian fixes.

    Per Ola Ingvarsson authored
  3. Merge branch 'master' of

    Per Ola Ingvarsson authored

Apr 25, 2012

  1. Richard Kreuter

    Complicate for when somebody leaves binaries out of tarba…

    kreuter authored
  2. Andy Schwerin

    LockMongoFilesExclusive in remapViewOfFiles on Windows.

    Since remapViewOfFiles isn't atomic on Windows, it must exclusively acquire the
    "mongo files" lock.  Otherwise, "touch" operations in other threads might try
    to access memory during the window when it is not mapped.
    See SERVER-5680, SERVER-5663.
    andy10gen authored
  3. Andy Schwerin

    ntservice needs to call exitCleanly(), not dbexit().

    SERVER-5520 -- As part of a larger shutdown rewrite, exitCleanly might need
    to change substantially.  However, for now, exitCleanly() is the right way to
    safely shut down mongod.
    andy10gen authored
  4. Dwight Merriman

    the journaling thread upgrades its qlock from R to W when it needs to…

    … REMAPPRIVATEVIEW. this upgrade
    was not greedy and that was probably a bug. fixed.
    dwight authored
  5. Tad Marshall

    Visual Studio fixes

    tadmarshall authored
  6. Tad Marshall

    Fix Windows compile

    tadmarshall authored
  7. Eric Milkie

    SERVER-5572 improved debugging output

    milkie authored
  8. Andy Schwerin

    Limit exitCleanly() and ntservice module to mongos and mongod.

    The notions of exitCleanly() versus dbexit() vs _exit() in the scope of mongod
    shutdown need to be reconsidered.  This patch just attempts to limit the scope
    of the issue to mongos and mongod.  It would be better to limit it to just
    mongod, but the implementation of the ntservice behavior doesn't currently
    support that.
    SERVER-5520, SERVER-5702
    andy10gen authored
  9. Per Ola Ingvarsson

    SEVER-1625 Cannot pack subclass since superclass doesn't know it is n…

    …ot packed.
  10. Per Ola Ingvarsson

    SERVER-1625 Fix export of bigendian from SConstruct to snappy SConscr…

  11. Per Ola Ingvarsson

    SERVER-1625 Build on solaris/sparc

  12. astaple

    Make repl13 debug option more clear.

    astaple authored
  13. astaple


    astaple authored
  14. astaple

    Simplify some QueryPlanGenerator function arguments.

    astaple authored
  15. astaple

    Extract QueryPlanGenerator::addCachedPlan().

    astaple authored
  16. astaple

    Try to make QueryPlanGenerator::addShortCircuitPlan() more clear.

    astaple authored
  17. astaple

    Refactor QueryPlanGenerator a bit.

    astaple authored
  18. astaple

    Tighten up interface for adding query plans to a QueryPlanSet.

    astaple authored
  19. astaple

    Extract QueryPlanGenerator from QueryPlanSet.

    astaple authored
  20. astaple

    Remove _special attribute from QueryPlanSet.

    astaple authored
  21. astaple

    Remove QueryPlanSet::_ns member.

    astaple authored
  22. astaple

    Simplify unindexed plan generation logic a bit.

    astaple authored
  23. astaple

    Add newQueryPlan() and addUnindexedPlan() to QueryPlanSet.

    astaple authored
  24. astaple

    Remove checkFirst argument to addOtherPlans().

    astaple authored
  25. astaple

    Remove the simple id and empty query/order optimizations in QueryPlan…

    …Set::init(), which are now superseded by the equivalent optimizations in CursorGenerator.
    astaple authored
  26. astaple

    Move CandidatePlanCharacter to querypattern.h.

    astaple authored
  27. astaple

    SERVER-5353 Print capped collection scan on _id query warning message…

    … in appropriate cases.
    astaple authored
  28. astaple

    Try to clarify repl13 test.

    astaple authored
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