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Scalable sim-to-real transfer of soft robot designs
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Scalable sim-to-real transfer of soft robot designs

Sam Kriegman, Amir Mohammadi Nasab, Dylan Shah, Hannah Steele, Gabrielle Branin, Michael Levin, Josh Bongard, and Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio.

Watch video documentation of the build protocol.

See designs behave in simulation and reality.

Read the paper.


   author={Kriegman, Sam and Mohammadi Nasab, Amir and Shah, Dylan and Steele, Hannah and Branin, Gabrielle and Levin, Michael and Bongard, Josh and Kramer-Bottiglio, Rebecca},
   title={Scalable sim-to-real transfer of soft robot designs},
   journal={arXiv preprint},
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