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Skriva is a based fork utilizing the XMPP protocol to build a secure chat platform
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Secure communication made simple



Skriva is a simple Conversations fork designed to be usable by people, who never used a XMPP client before. Therefore, certain features like PGP encryption or channel discovery have been removed or not inherited. Additionally the default server ( is not S2S compliant.

For more informations be sure to check our F.A.Q.


  • Fully OMEMO encrypted (except public groups)
  • Modern UI
  • Media commenting
  • Emoji keyboard
  • Beginner friendly
  • Inline GIFs
  • Internal image viewer
  • Free default server


As stated before the target of this fork is to have an easy to use client for absolute newbies. The idea to this project came to me, when I was listening to a lecture about data security and data privacy. We had a discussion about secure communication and of course also spoke about instant messengers.

Our professor said that secure communication should be worth a few bucks to us, however, I thought about this differently. Secure and especially private communcation should be a basic right for everybody. It should not only be limited to those who are willing to spend or to those who have the knowledge.

However, when confronted with Conversations many of my friends were simply too lazy or even confused on how to set it up.

  • Where do I find a server?
  • How can I do this and that?
  • The color is hurting my eyes.
  • insert more cries here

While Conversations is a great client, it often challenges "normal" people. As the majority does not even know what XMPP is, how it works and what its capable of.

Therefore, there are three simple goals of this project:

  1. Easy and free access to secure communication
  2. Raise awarness of XMPP
  3. Drive users to other clients and servers in a long run

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