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parent: authorization
title: overview
# Authorization <%= edit_link %>
To access privileged resources for our API
you have to undergo the authorization procedure throughout the [OAuth2.0](
<%= partial 'partials/toc' %>
## About OAuth2.0
We leverage the [OAuth2.0]( protocol to enable selected
external applications get authorization for a User's private information from
<%= settings.site_name.capitalize %> account without requesting their
<%= settings.site_name.capitalize %> credentials.
The benefit of using OAuth2.0 is that our users can feel secure as their
credentials won't have to be exposed to third parties in order to grant access
to privileged user owned resources.
## Quick Start
Before you begin the authorization process make sure you have obtained a valid
set of `client_id`, `client_secret`.
Now let's try something that requires authorization.
### Search using our API
Search does not require any resources to be granted by a user, so you have to
obtain an application token (see
<%= link_to t('docs.authorization.permissions'), '/authorization/permissions' %>).
<%= render_code_from_file "authentication/#{flavor}/application_token" %>
Using the code above you'll get something like:
~~~ javascript
"access_token": "a valid access token",
"token_type": "bearer",
"expires_in": 2678399
You may then proceed performing the request using the following snippet:
<%= render_code_from_file "authentication/#{flavor}/example_search_request_header" %>
You will get the following response:
<%= render_recording :search_manufacturer_match %>
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