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title: save_your_order
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# Save Your Order <%= edit_link %>
"Save Your Order" service helps you increase the number of Shop Reviews in <%= flavor.capitalize %>.
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## How It Looks
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## How It Works
After completing their purchases, customers are prompted to save their order, through a widget on the checkout page.
After that:
- Customers are able to view their saved orders from your store, through their <%= settings.site_name.capitalize %>
- In regards to any saved orders, **an email is sent** to customers, asking them to write a **review**,
sharing their experience.
## Integration
"Save Your Order" service requires only to have [Analytics](/analytics) integrated into your store
#### When widget is displayed
"Save Your Order" widget *pops up* when a completed [order](/analytics/ecommerce/#addorder) is reported
through [Analytics](/analytics).
## Settings
"Save Your Order" service's configuration is **only** available through
[Merchants control panel](https://<%= settings.merchants_domain %>/services/order_stash/).
> ##### Note
> In order to configure the "Save Your Order" service you need to have access to
[Merchants control panel](https://<%= settings.merchants_domain %>).
> **Please contact the shop owner in order to change the configuration.**
##### Available Settings
Name | Default | Available Options | Description
------------- | ------------ | -------------------------- | -----------
`position` | Bottom Right | Bottom Left, Bottom Right | Widget position on the checkout page
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