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title: support
# Support <%= edit_link %>
<%= partial 'partials/toc' %>
## FAQ
### General
I found a typo in the documentation. What do I do?
: This website is a [public GitHub repository](<%= settings.github_profile %>/
Fix it and submit a pull request.
### API
How do I access X resource?
: Read our <%= link_to 'API documentation', '/api/v3' %> thoroughly.
: If you can't find what you want it may be due to missing documentation or it may
be something we've decided not to expose yet.
Why did I get less results than what I expected from my request?
: Most resources support [pagination](/api/v3/#pagination). If you are making
requests and are receiving an incomplete set of results, you 're probably
seeing only the first page. You'll need to ask for the remaining pages with
subsequent requests in order to get more results.
## Contact
Have a question not answered here?
: Create an issue at the [GitHub issue tracker](<%= settings.github_profile %>/
Have something sensitive to report (e.g. security vulnerability)?
: Send us an email at <<%= settings.api_email %>>.
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