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File system adapters

Agis Anastasopoulos edited this page Jun 27, 2019 · 6 revisions

File system adapters are those who tell mistry what commands to use in order to manage the filesystem where build artifacts are persisted to.

By default, mistry uses the plain file system adapter, which means it uses plain old cp and rm builtins under the hood. While this is a portable and sane default strategy, it is not the most efficient solution, especially for large builds.

For better performance and improved disk usage, we strongly recommend using the btrfs adapter (assuming you're on a Linux system). This means mistry will leverage Btrfs copy-on-write snapshots and subvolumes to efficiently implement incremental builds and utilize far less disk space.

To use the btrfs adapter, the build_path setting should point to a path located in a Btrfs partition and the btrfs CLI should be installed in the system.

The btrfs adapter can be specified when booting the server:

$ mistryd --config config.json --filesystem btrfs
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