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import json
from operator import itemgetter
import logging
__author__ = 'Sergey Krushinsky'
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2018"
__license__ = "MIT"
__version__ = "1.0.0"
__email__ = ""
class SimpleGraph:
'''Simple graph represented by a dictionary.
May be either directed or undirected depending on the dictionary.
def __init__(self, data=None):
data is dictionary where keys are nodes and values are
lists of connected nodes.
if data is None:
data = {}
self._data = data
self._edges = None
def __str__(self):
return json.dumps(self._data, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
def vertices(self):
'''Return tuple of all the vertices'''
return tuple(self._data.keys())
def edges(self):
Return edges represented as tuple sets with one
(a loop back to the vertex) or two vertices.
if self._edges is None:
self._edges = []
for vtx in self._data:
for neighbour in self._data[vtx]:
if not (vtx, neighbour) in self._edges:
self._edges.append((vtx, neighbour))
# TODO: sort function for custom types
self._edges = sorted(self._edges, key=itemgetter(0,1))
return tuple(self._edges)
def add_vertex(self, vtx):
'''Add new vertex if it doesn't exist in the graph.'''
self._data.setdefault(vtx, [])
def add_edge(self, a, b):
'''Add edge from a to b if it doesn't exist.
assert a in self._data, 'No such vertex: {}'.format(a)
assert b in self._data, 'No such vertex: {}'.format(b)
if not b in self._data[a]:
self._edges = None
def from_json(cls, path):
'''Return new Graph based on data from JSON file.'''
with open(path) as f:'loading graph from %s...', path)
return SimpleGraph(json.loads(
def find_all_paths(self, start_vtx, end_vtx, path=None):
"""Find all paths from start_vtx to end_vtx"""
if path is None:
path = []
path = path + [start_vtx]
if start_vtx == end_vtx:
return [path]
if start_vtx not in self._data:
return []
paths = []
for v in self._data[start_vtx]:
if not v in path:
ext_paths = self.find_all_paths(v, end_vtx, path)
for p in ext_paths:
return paths