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DotSwagGen is a command line code generator for the swagger specification written in C#
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DotSwagGen is a command line code generator for the swagger specification. It allows you to generate client code for .NET from a simple swagger spec file which defines a REST Api.


DotSwagGen uses a template engine to create code output in any language for a given swagger specification.

Currently there are two templates included, a C# Model and a C# Operation template. You can create your own templates for specific requirements or languages.


Usage: dotswaggen -s <filename.json> -n test.namespace -o <directory>

-s, --swagger Required. Input files to be processed.

-n, --namespace Required. The namespace to use for generated code

-o, --output Required. The folder to output rendered code to

--t-prefix Prefix the template filename for each template type

--o-prefix Prefix the output filename for each file generated

--o-single-name The filename to write all output to

--help Display this help screen.

Swagger Spec Support

Currently we only support Swagger 1.2. 1.1 is planned to arrive soon.

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