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A social networking site written in Python/Django
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Project Chirp is a social networking site written using Python/Django. See demo here:


  1. Create a postgres database named chirp with you as an owner.

  2. Clone this repo(preferably use ssh clone instead of https, you won't be bothered asking for password every time you push/pull).

    • git clone
  3. cd into this repo(where you cloned) and create a virtual environment(preferably, using python -m venv venv on bash/zsh).

    On Windows if above didn't work, c:\Python36\python -m venv c:\path\to\venv.^[1]

  4. Activate the virtual environment( source venv/bin/activate).

    On Windows, either use venv\Scripts\activate.bat on cmd.exe or venv\Scripts\Activate.ps1on PowerShell(default on Windows 10).

  5. Install all the requirements (pip install -r requirements/local.txt).

    If this didn't work, use python -m pip install -r requirements/local.txt.

  6. Copy the file env.example from root of the repo in a new file .env(dot env) in the same directory. Don't delete env.example though.

  7. Open the file and change the <user> to the database owner and <pass> to the database password.

  8. Make migrations file and migrate.

    • ./ makemigrations
    • ./ migrate
  9. Run test to ensure everything is working.

    • ./ test

      If it doesn't, revisit all the above points. It might be that you have forgotten something along the way.

  10. Run the development server.

  • ./ runserver
  1. Open the repo in your favorite text editor.
  2. Before you start working, create a issue and corresponding WIP(Work in Progress) branch and merge request(MR) from gitlab.

Pull that using git pull --all and checkout to the new branch(git checkout <branchname>).

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