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Display the date and time on your Windows taskbar in any format and color.


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Timekeeper by


A desktop tool to display the current date/time on the Windows task bar in your custom format.

(Unfortunately, Microsoft has dropped support for desk bands when they rewrote the task bar for Windows 11.)

.: Features :.

Click on the clock with the primary mouse button to display a calendar. Click on the clock with the secondary mouse button to display context menu.

Can format clock's display, including:

  • Font
  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Alignment: left, center, right
  • Data displayed: date format, time format, text, etc.
  • Line separators for a multi-line display
  • Some pre-formatted date/time entries included, to get the user started.

Timekeeper displays the locale's long date/time in its tooltip.

.: Calendar :.

Calendar displays current date/time in the caption. The calendar edges can be dragged to resize the window and display more or fewer months. You can select a series of dates. Close the calendar by clicking on the 'x' in the caption or pressing ALT+F4 or ESC.


Key Action
Home First day of current month
End Last day of current month
CTRL+Home First day of first month on display
CTRL+End Last day of last month on display
PageUp Move back one month
PageDown Move ahead one month
CTRL+PageUp Move back one year
CTRL+PageDown Move ahead one year
ALT+F4 Close the calendar
ESC Close the calendar

Calendar options include:

  • Show today
  • Show week numbers
  • Remember calendar's position
  • Remember calendar's size

.: Advanced Features:.

Timekeeper reloads the display format when it notices that it's changed. You can use this to display your own dynamic value on the desk band.

		Format [string] = Display format

You can set this data value to any text you'd like to have displayed on the Timekeeper's desk band. Use it to display the weather, a reminder, whatever.

.: Building Timekeeper :.

Timekeeper is built with Visual Studio.


The build_installer.cmd script builds the installer using these tools:

The build script assumes they are installed in these folders in the project folder:

  • NSIS3\
  • SysInternals\