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Website for

What is this

This is the entire content of the website mentioned above. It's not just a static webpage, but intended to be a slimmed down mini CMS to be able to dynamically add and remove content in a very simple form as an "endless full width page" like everybody else is doing nowadays.

Why is this

I had that idea for that new website and needed to decide, what kind of platform I will be building it on. I dislike Wordpress. And Joomla. So I decided to create my own just for that one website. And decided to open source this, so you can do whatever you like with it.


As my website is hosted by a provider with only PHP installed, this requires PHP. Pages and resources are stored JSON and file based, so no need for a database.


  • Producing page layout out of a JSON structure
  • a page is one full size browser window, scroll down to next page
  • two types of page layout: centered and columns
  • columns are responsively designed with compatible CSS only, no Javascript (yay!)
  • column content can be of different types (text, image, iframe), which will then solely displayed in that one column
  • images can be assigned links, which then will open that URL in new broswer window
  • Responsive font sizes (yay!)
  • no external frameworks whatsover (double yay!)


  • many
  • currently the site's JSON needs to be uploaded to the server by same means like all the other files, so no REST-like interface so far (see future enhancements)
  • totally undocumented
  • no page stops, free scrolling

Planned enhancements

  • page scrolling stops
  • CSS scrolling animations
  • Touch device scrolling enhancements
  • JSON-Interface for reading/writing site content

Possible future enhancements

  • editor for site content (not sure)


  • License for Software is: MIT License (MIT), see
  • For assets like images which are not trademarks by other companies, these are not creative commons, but beer-license. If you make use of them, please let me know and send me a beer.
  • The font used is YanoneKaffeesatz, which is created by Yanone under creative commons license. Thank you very much!