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The ChameleonMini is a versatile contactless smartcard emulator compliant to NFC, ISO 14443 and ISO 15693. It has been designed and maintained by the Chair for Embedded Security of the Ruhr-University in Bochum.The freely programmable platform can be used to emulate and virtualize cards (perfect clones including the UID), for practical penetrati…
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Doc Changed fuses
Drivers Initial commit
Dumps Added dump of empty touchatag card
EAGLE Changed MCU to ATxmega32A4U
Firmware Modified makefile to use unix sh in order to build files
LICENSE Initial commit readme update


This is the main repository of the ChameleonMini project, a versatile emulator for contactless smartcards.

Further information can be found in the project wiki and the doxygen documentation

The code repository contains

  • Doc: A doxygen documentation
  • Drivers: LUFA Drivers for the USB-CDC interface
  • Dumps: Dumps of different smart cards
  • EAGLE: The full EAGLE board and schematics in two alternate versions
  • Firmware: The complete firmware including a modified Atmel DFU bootloader and LUFA
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