Enhanced Quake 2 client and server focused on multiplayer
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sthalik prevent tty_fatal_error on reads
Fix crash on USE_SYSCON=1 and q2proded detached from its
controlling terminal, as per `./q2proded &'.

As per the Linux manual for read(2):

    EIO   This will happen for example when the process is in
          a background process group, tries to read from  its
          controlling terminal,  and either it is ignoring or
          blocking SIGTTIN, or [...]

Thanks to @skullernet for explaining the finer aspects
of SIGTTIN/SIGTTOU, and preventing this patch from becoming
too crufty.

cf. https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=read&sektion=2&manpath=CentOS+7.1
cf. #160 (comment)
Latest commit 799662c Sep 7, 2018



Q2PRO is an enhanced, multiplayer oriented Quake 2 client and server.

Features include:

  • rewritten OpenGL renderer optimized for stable FPS
  • enhanced client console with persistent history
  • ZIP packfiles (.pkz), JPEG and PNG textures, MD3 models
  • fast HTTP downloads
  • multichannel sound using OpenAL
  • recording from demos, forward and backward seeking
  • server side multiview demos and GTV capabilities

For building Q2PRO, consult the INSTALL file.

For information on using and configuring Q2PRO, refer to client and server manuals available in doc/ subdirectory.