💯 Learning JavaScript with 100 small projects.
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100 Days of JavaScript

Learning JavaScript with 100 small projects! Inspired by @jessabean, Jennifer Dewalt's 180 websites in 180 days, #The100DayProject by Elle Luna, and #JavaScript30 by Wes Bos, I will gain a functional understanding of JS through experiments, exercises, and practice.


  1. I will do 100 small JavaScript projects.
  2. There's no time limit on how long an individual exercise can take.
  3. Perfect is the enemy of good. I will not be afraid of making mistakes.
  4. I will ask for help when I need it.


  1. Kingdom Hearts soundboard / view project / view code + commentary
  2. Issa clock / view project / view code + commentary

More 100 JS Projects


If you'd like to suggest a project (or projects!): open an issue and suggest away! 😀 If you have a code suggestion or something else that fits in a PR, I‘m curious to hear more! Please remember to be kind — I’m learning as I go. 💖